We enjoy helping our clients make Wills. We make sure you understand your options and we make suggestions about the best way for you to structure things. You will begin the process with your own ideas – we listen and then ask questions to understand your situation. Then we advise you. We have different service and fee options to suit different circumstances. We know it’s a cliché but one size really doesn’t fit all.

Please take a few minutes to read the feedback (testimonials) provided by our clients. Navigate to client feedback and testimonials using the link button. You are also very welcome to come in for an initial free meeting so that you are confident about choosing us to make your Will.

If you are contacting a few (or many) law firms to ask about prices then you are not alone. We get lots of these type of calls (and only sometimes from other law firms!). Price does matter, but as with any price comparison, it is important to compare like with like. Sometimes when you are ringing around it is not possible to work out whether you are comparing like with like. It is very easy for companies to ‘quote’ a low fee to make a sale, but the figure may be misleading if what you need and want is something different. This is why we prefer to speak to you and understand your circumstances, then we can tell you about fees more accurately.

Our New ML Whippet Wills ® Service

If your family and financial circumstances are completely straightforward then our ML Whippet Wills ® are an easy and convenient way to make your Will.

You answer a few initial questions, we then speak to you on the telephone (or we meet face to face if you prefer) and then we prepare your documents for signature.

A single straightforward Will costs £135 plus VAT

Two mirror straightforward Wills for a couple cost £245 plus VAT

If you have a large estate, complicated circumstances, or you would like advice about how best to structure your Will, protect any vulnerable beneficiaries, safeguard property or minimise tax, just let us know. We can then explain your options and offer you the McKenzie Law Advisory Service where prices start from £295 plus VAT.

Why the Whippet Theme?

We love them and have two in the office. The whippet is the ultimate all round dog, speedy, elegant, intelligent and loving. All emblematic traits. An adaptable creature that is at the heart of its human family and usually on the most comfortable seat in the house!

For every Whippet Will ® we make we also make a donation to charity—either the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Dogs for Good or Age UK (Shropshire Telford & Wrekin), you choose.