Thank you very much to all at Applewood Wealth Management in Oswestry for hosting Tuesday night’s Charity Fun Quiz in aid of The Movement Centre at the Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Hospital. A very enjoyable evening was had by all at Henlle Park (even if we didn’t win, or come close to winning). We hope that by the time the last person left, the fundraising target of £1,000 had been met!

We were pleased to support Applewood and the Movement Centre and to learn more about the work that the Movement Centre does to support children and to minimise the disabilities that children with movement control issues might encounter. If anybody doesn’t know about this small charity then we would you to visit the website (The Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Hospital, Oswestry, Shropshire SY10 7AG Registered Charity No. 1075549).

One of the more straightforward quiz questions was ‘how much will a course of target training at the Movement Centre, which can completely a change a child’s life and prospects for independence cost?’ – The answer is £6,250. The Charity estimates that this investment can ultimately produce savings in excess of £80,000 over the course of a child’s lifetime based on reduced equipment, medical and care costs.

Big thanks particularly to Julian and Vanessa Lowe– the four hours that they spent in their local McDonalds (owing to a temporary lack of internet connection at home) writing the inspired quiz questions was time well spent in our view.

Given that there were some pretty serious and competitive quiz goers in attendance we were thrilled not to come last. Our team name ‘A Will to win, but likely to lose’ was perhaps a little pessimistic. We dedicate best team name of the night to ‘the Quizzy Rascals’. There were plenty of trick questions thrown in and we know for next time that we need to listen to the question very carefully before being confident about our answer. We won’t be caught out again about George Osborne’s first name! Not Gideon any more.

Thanks for a fun night out!