Shropshire Wildlife Trust

We are really pleased to be supporting the Shropshire Wildlife Trust to protect Shropshire’s wildlife and wild places through our corporate membership. The Trust’s recent Corporate event at Enginuity in the Iron Bridge Gorge was an inspirational and educational day out. Who would have thought that so many business professionals would be persuaded to don multi-coloured head ties and become four teams of ‘nature ninjas’, frantically and very competitively gathering pine cones – having first impersonated owls, spiders, bats and bees. We surprised ourselves! The clear conclusion of the day was that nature is good for us on many levels.

Over the last year the Trust has joined forces with the Friends of Pontesford Hill in a hugely successful campaign to buy the hill, which lies next to the Trust’s oldest nature reserve, Earls Hill. This in addition to the purchase of a 15 acre conifer plantation on the Stiperstones next to the Trust’s land at Nipstone. This winter they plan to fell the trees to give the heather and whimberry bushes a chance to grown back which will restore another patch of heathland that once clothed the whole ridge. Alerts from the Trust about otters by the English Bridge in Shrewsbury and a pair of pine martens in Craven Arms all add to the excitement.

Our membership is not just about ticking the box on our Lexcel compliance audit which asks about us whether we can demonstrate our corporate social responsibility, after all this box is one of the few that is optional, not mandatory. We all love the outdoors, we all love Shropshire, we all care about the environment and the future of the planet so on a personal level this ticks lots of boxes for the whole ML team……and putting it another way us lawyers are always looking for an excuse to put our wellies on and play in the mud!