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Niels McKenzie

Niels McKenzie

LL. B (Hons) DEJF, Director & Solicitor
I am a Commercial and Property Solicitor with over 25 years’ experience. I receive regular instructions from a number of market leading manufacturers, professional practices, environmental consultancies and software developers and testers. I advise them on commercial contracts of varying kinds, company constitution and structure, sales and acquisitions of businesses and companies and other matters as required. I am proficient at applying a strong dose of common sense (which I have found to be just as important as legal knowledge) from a position of objectivity, when giving commercial advice.

I studied at the University of Birmingham, the Université de Limoges and the College of Law, Chester and trained at Shakespeares. In the earlier part of my career, I was a commercial Solicitor for: Michelin Tyre plc, Tarmac Heavy Building Materials Limited and Enviros Consulting Limited.

I handle commercial, agricultural and residential property sales and purchases as well as leases. One of my clients is a Wildlife Trust for whom we have undertaken a large range of interesting property acquisitions of land, hills, peat wetlands etc. for conservation purposes.
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The residential property work I handle tends to be for people who would rather not be at the mercy of a high-volume call centre conveyancing factory and instead appreciate the value in dealing directly with an experienced Solicitor who can provide advice tailored to the specific issues they face. Often the properties I deal with are high value or complex, but we try to make things as straightforward as possible for our clients. Straightforward transactions are always welcome.

I am responsible for Compliance and Finance at McKenzie Law and running the business with Vicki, my co-director and wife. I can relate to other business managers and owners and the regular challenges to be overcome like increased regulation, competition from online technologies, tax and insurance overheads and general pressures on businesses.

Outside of work I enjoy family life, running with my two whippets, and I have recently taken up film photography and development again after a 20-year gap.