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Making a Will

As experienced solicitors, we can give you professional advice when it comes to making a Will. This will ensure that your Will does all that it can to protect your assets so that your estate ends up with those that you intend. Our expert making a will guidance will help you to avoid any potential arguments, claims and legal challenges after your death and make the Will making process straightforward for you.

We provide Will advice and support that helps to¬†protect children, vulnerable beneficiaries and save tax to maximise the benefit of what you are leaving. We make things really straightforward for you. We spend our lifetimes working hard and acquiring assets and it’s vital not to squander this with an ill advised or no advice Will.
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Will FAQ’s

To help you feel better informed and more confident about the process of making a Will we have answered some the most commonly asked questions. If your question around making a Will isn’t answered please feel free to talk to us or email.

Although the first question we are often asked is ‘how much is a Will?’ please read the answer, but also find out why this isn’t the most important question. Think about the value of what you are leaving and the importance to you of the people you are leaving it to…..