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Get Probate & Administer an Estate

Probate & Administration – How we help when someone dies.

We can provide as much or as little help as you wish with all aspects of probate and the administration of an estate. We consider how assets can be protected for the future, whether taxes can be saved and try to prevent families from falling out.

You don’t have to use a solicitor to administer an estate and deal with Probate. Sometimes probate isn’t required, however, our experienced solicitors can establish whether probate or administration is necessary and provide expert legal advice. Here are just some of the ways in which we can really help you:

  •  We can sometimes save considerable sums of tax and better protect assets for the future by reviewing a Will (after someone has died), or the Intestacy Rules if there is no Will. A ‘Deed of Variation’ should always be considered.
  •  We are independent, and neutral solicitors and have an overriding obligation to act in our client’s best interests, we can save families from falling out and ending up in Court. Families are increasingly complex with multiple marriages and children from previous relationships. Property values have increased significantly over recent years and estates often involve more than one property, foreign assets, businesses and agricultural property. We ensure that estates are properly and fairly administered and that all available tax reliefs are maximised.
  •  We are skilled at negotiating with HMRC and The District Valuer to ensure no one pays more tax than is appropriate. We have challenged HMRC and won some important victories for our clients. In March 2022 we received an IHT calculation from HMRC confirming a refund to the estate of £13,000. After 2 hours on the telephone with HMRC (at a cost to our client of £570 plus VAT), the HMRC refund was finally agreed at £20,500 and repaid to our bank account within 7 days. Our clients were very happy.
  •  We deal with the property aspects of an estate that require a legal expert.
  •  We understand and explain the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities that executors and trustees face. We help you avoid uninsured personal liability – beneficiaries are keen to take executors to Court when things go wrong.
  •  We use the latest technology to make estate administration efficient and transparent. We are always available to answer questions and provide updates.
  •  Not being emotionally involved is important. Our approach is sensitive but also business-like.
  • For some people, all paperwork is a nightmare. You can come and talk to us without obligation. Initial consultations – by telephone, online meeting, or face-to-face meeting are always free of charge for up to one hour and after that, we will always agree to a fair fee with you for the work involved.

Please contact us to arrange an initial consultation regarding probate & administration of an estate, without charge. For more information about legal fees click here. We look forward to helping you, working with you and providing legal support.