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Probate Solicitors

Get Probate and Administer an Estate

We can provide as much or as little help as you wish with all aspects of probate and administering an estate. We consider how assets can be protected for the future, whether tax can be saved and try to prevent families from falling out.

Initially we spend time to understand the circumstances so we we can then explain your options and the likely fees. if you are an executor we will help you do the job properly so that you don’t make mistakes and find yourself liable to either disgruntled benefciaries or HMRC.


Our experienced probate solicitors can help you with Intestancy legal advice when a relative dies without a Will. You must follow the law to sort out their estate. When someone dies without a Will it is called dying ‘intestate’. The law which applies is called ‘the Intestacy Rules’.

Although we encourage everyone to make a Will, we know that approximately two thirds of the population die without making a Will. Sometimes dying without a Will won’t cause any problems but in some cases the situation can be complicated, and it is important to get things right. There are some important legal time limits that should be followed. To avoid Intestacy we can help you with making a will.

Cost of Probate

Applying for Probate and administering an estate can involve a wide range of legal and administrative work. Many people ask how much are probate fees? We will estimate likely fees once we understand what is involved and how much help you ideally want from us. It’s always best to start with a conversation. You can tell us what you think we need to know and we will know the questions to ask you so that important issues aren’t overlooked. We will spend up to an hour helping you without charge to establish the help you need. Usually then if you want our help we will prepare a detailed legal wok plan and fee estimate so that everything is clear.

Deeds of Variation

What is a Deed of Variation? A Deed of Variation is a very versatile and important legal document which we prepare to allow you to redirect any assets that you inherit, within two years of a person dying.

Although it may sound unlikely that anyone would want to ‘give away’ an inheritance, if you want to try and save inheritance tax that may be paid on your own death, a Deed of Variation may help. There are many reasons why a Deed of Variation may be beneficial.


Although you may have heard of Probate you might not know what it means, or what’s involved. There is penty of free information available on the internet but it can still sometimes be difficult to establish what’s relevant, or there may be something about your situation that makes it more complicated. We have answered some of the usual initial questions so that you can be better informed and confident to approach us for advice about the more technical aspects of your situation, or anything you don’t understand or need our help with, like inheritance tax or a trust in the Will.