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Will FAQ’S

How much does a Will cost?
We are a couple, do we need separate Wills?
Do I need a Will?
How do I make a Will?
Do I need to come to your office to make a Will?
Do you advise about Inheritance Tax when I make my Will?
Can you do something to safeguard assets if I go into a care home?
What are ‘Tenants in Common’?
I am a single parent; can my choice of Guardians be challenged after I die?
We don’t know who to appoint as guardians, can we still make a Will?
Can my will and wishes be challenged after I die?
Can you be our executor and will it be expensive?
Can our beneficiaries be our executors?
Where is my Will stored?
How often should my Will be reviewed?
Should I update my Nil-Rate Band Discretionary Trust Will?
Other Services
Court of Protection Solicitors

The Court of Protection makes decisions about financial or welfare matters for people who are unable to make decisions and where there is no valid Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney. We advise and help with all types of Court of Protection applications including replacement trustee and gift applications.