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Setting up a Trust

We are experts and we can make trust straightforward for our clients. Trusts can be for everyone, not just the wealthy, and they do not need to be complicated.

Trusts in Wills

We explain the many and varied benefits of including different sorts of trusts in Wills.

Couples often use Will trusts to protect their half-share in the family home after the first dies. When the first spouse dies they will provide for the survivor to go on living in the house, or move as necessary. The survivor will not however become the owner of the share in the property of the first to die. That share is held in trust, usually for children, who only truly inherit the property on the second death. This sort of trust can be very beneficial if the survivor remarries, or goes into a care home.

We tell you whether including trusts in your Will is appropriate to safeguard assets if your children are young or vulnerable in any way.

Trusts for disabled people are a specialist area and we can provide expert help.

Lifetime Trusts and Settlements

We help you create trusts and settlements during your lifetime if you want to give away assets and an outright gift is not practical or appropriate.

Lifetime trusts and settlements can take many different forms and we clearly explain what is right for you and the tax consequences of the trust.

Personal Injury Trusts are very important to safeguard against damages and we will give you expert advice about this.

We act as professional trustees where this is appropriate and we work closely with accountants and financial planners to ensure trusts are managed properly.

Trustees must understand their duties, powers and potential liability. It is an onerous job and it is important to appreciate this before agreeing to act as a trustee.

As STEP members we are experts and will give you the best advice.