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Trust Solicitors

Setting Up a Trust

As expert trust solitcitors, we can advise you about creating a trust during your lifetime, or about a trust that you want to arise on your death, which may form part of your Will. There are many different types of trusts with different legal and tax implications, so individual trust advice is essential.

Setting up a trust is usually used to safeguard and support individuals, protect assets and sometimes to save tax. Trusts tend to become complicated, problematic and expensive when they involve someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. This is where McKenzie Law can step in and support you when it comes to trusts.

Acting as a Trustee

Although many people feel flattered when they are asked to be a trustee, it is usually an onerous and unpaid task that carries significant responsibility and personal libilities. We help and advise trustees in relation to their role and we act as professional trustees for a number of long running family trusts.

We are often called upon to help when a trust situation has become misunderstood, complicated or neglected, but we are also glad when we help people before things reach this stage.