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Since December 2018 the Solicitors Regulation Price Transparency Rules have required solicitors to display prices and service information about certain areas of legal work. In the context of the legal work we do at ML the rules only apply to uncontested Probate (cases where no dispute arises) and residential conveyancing.

We believe that price transparency is important across the board for all areas of legal work, and you should always expect a good job to be done for a fair fee. Given the individual, advisory nature of our work we often cannot publish an applicable fixed fee. When we can, we will, but clearly one size does not fit all.

We will always discuss and try to clarify your legal requirements at the outset. We need to understand what you require from us and then we will estimate our fees – we may be able to provide a fixed fee estimate, or sometimes it may be based on a time estimate, and on occasion we may value price alongside estimated time charges, for example if a matter is particularly complex, has a higher value, a shorter timescale or another aspect that increases its risk profile. Often you may not actually know what you need legally to achieve your outcome, so an initial discussion with us is vital.

Low headline grabbing fees, attractive at first glance, are usually misleading and the opposite of transparent, most of us know that you generally get what you pay for. Niels always enjoys an analogy and where legal work and fees are concerned, his favourite is builders and extensions, saying you can’t just say to a builder “I want an extension please, how much will it cost?”

Please follow the links above for more detailed information which we hope you will find helpful, and please contact us to discuss your requirements.