Specialist Consultancy Services – Many Law Firms now specialise in particular areas of the law or sometimes a specialist solicitor will leave a firm without a specialist in a particular area of law. In that case they should consider seeking advice from our friendly, reliable and experienced Solicitors.

specialist-consultancy-servicesNiels McKenzie provides specialist consultancy advice for Company and Commercial law and Vicki McKenzie, a member of STEP, specialises in Private Client Wills and Probate.

You have a choice:

Direct Referral – you can refer your client to us directly, they will become our client for that matter and if you wish we can provide you with an undertaking not to act for that client on other matters without your permission

Consultancy – you become our client and we will send out terms of business to you.

In practical terms we can if you wish, work in the background providing you with advice and drafting etc. In other situations you may want us to deal with your client and those involved in the capacity as your consultant.

McKenzie Law Solicitors advise a small number of Solicitor’s firms and their clients on this basis and we have found that it leads to beneficial reciprocal business. Naturally, unless you agree otherwise, we will keep the arrangement confidential so discretion is assured.

If you would like to explore this possibility further and in confidence then please contact either Niels McKenzie (Company Commercial) or Vicki McKenzie (Private Client, Wills and Probate).