powers-of-attorney-general-enduring-lasting-powers-of-attorneyPeople usually understand the importance of making a Power of Attorney as they get older, especially if they have family or friends who have become mentally incapacitated. Really, everyone with assets who is aged over 18 should make a Lasting Power of Attorney.

We are skilled at helping people who may already be facing health difficulties, deal with the legal formalities. We make things simple for our clients, explaining things in straightforward language. You can tell us the part of the day when you usually feel at your best and where you would prefer to see us – our office or your own home.

It is obviously best to make a Lasting Power of Attorney when all is well, so do not delay. The documents can usually be prepared and registered for a fixed fee.

We find out about your family background so that the document that is signed will work well and be effective.

Appointing attorneys who do not get on with each other is always a disaster.

If you have been mentally unwell we will sometimes ask your Doctor to confirm that you can legally understand the Lasting Power of Attorney. We do not want your wishes to be open to challenge. We are tactful and sensitive in dealing with these issues and do understand how difficult legal business can sometimes seem. Our job is to make it easy for you and your family.

The most important thing is to truly trust the people you appoint to be your attorneys. If there are questions about their suitability we will give you guidance.

We know which restrictions and conditions it is helpful to include in the documents and equally, those that will cause problems. We don’t just fill- in standard forms with standard information.

We can usually prepare and witness the forms and act as Certificate Provider.

We will explain the key benefits and differences between Lasting Powers of Attorney relating to Property and Financial affairs and Health and Welfare.

We help and advise attorneys appointed under Enduring Powers of Attorney put in place before October 2007 and provide a quick and efficient service to register Enduring Powers of Attorney.

We can store your completed documents and help you and your attorneys in the future as questions arise.

powers-of-attorney-general-enduring-lasting-powers-of-attorneyWe will act as a professional attorney where this is appropriate – where it’s possible we enjoy working in partnership with our clients. We can be involved in everything from buying Christmas presents on behalf of a client, finding a suitable care home, making sure the care home has a cafetiere, through to selling a client’s home, dealing sensitively with their belongings collected over a lifetime, and finding suitable investment advisers to manage multi million pound share portfolios – it’s all in a day’s work.

When we make your Will we will always advise you to make a Lasting Power of Attorney too. No one is immune to accidents and illness.

If you are in business a registered Lasting Power of Attorney is essential so that your business can function even if you can’t.

If it isn’t possible to make a Lasting power of Attorney because a person isn’t able to understand the document we can make an application to The Court of Protection for a Deputy to be appointed. The role of a Deputy is similar to an attorney but the procedure takes much longer and is much more expensive than making a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Once The Court of Protection has made an order to appoint a Deputy it will then continue to supervise the Deputy’s work. This involves ongoing fees. In some circumstances this will be most appropriate but for most people a Lasting Power of Attorney will be easier, less expensive and more flexible.

The Court of protection can make many different orders including for the preparation of a Statutory Will where some does not have testamentary capacity. We can help in these cases.

Here is our latest advice if you are making decisions under a Lasting Power of Attorney for someone who lacks capacity.

“Things were explained to us very clearly. Everything went very well, in a very friendly manner”.