A purple McKenzie Law folder on an oak table.

Happy New Year!  Resolution 1. Make my Will with McKenzie Law.

Your Will is one of the most important legal documents you will ever sign and it is vital to get it right. New Year is the perfect time to grasp the nettle and come and see us. The BBC News put Wills in the headlines over the winter break, reporting that 41 million Wills were going online including Sir Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens (leaving £1,000 to his mistress and barely a mention for his wife), Diana Princess of Wales, Alan Turing, AA Milne and Beatrix Potter to name just a very select few.

The Courts Minister, Shailesh Vara said “This fascinating project provides us with insights into the lives of ordinary and extraordinary people who helped shape this country and the rest of the world”. We say it’s another timely reminder of just how important and valuable a document your Will is. Your Will is legally and personally significant and worthy of your time and thought and the best professional advice.

News like this reminds us all to make our Will and to keep it up to date. Your Will relates to everyone you care about and everything you have.